Shoreline’s simulation solutions help ESVAGT dramatically improve its O&M performance.

Shoreline’s O&M Design provides ESVAGT a solid platform for determining the best strategy for wind turbine operations and maintenance.

Danish-based ESVAGT is a dedicated provider of safety and support at sea, founded on an experienced and well-trained offshore crew and industry-leading rescue capabilities. The company’s fleet comprises more than 40 vessels, including ERRVs, multirole vessels, wind Service Operation Vessels (SOVs) and CCVs.

In 2017, ESVAGT implemented Shoreline’s O&M Design (previously called MAINTSYS™) with two specific aims: First, to optimise the operations of existing offshore wind farms, and second, to generate more accurate predictions as part of developing new projects.

Best strategy

According to ESVAGT, Shoreline’s O&M Design simulation programme provides a solid platform for deciding on the best strategy for O&M of wind turbines. So utilisation of an ESVAGT SOV, for example, can be optimised for the vessel’s various roles as mothership, workshop, spare part storage, accommodation and office facility for one or more offshore wind farms.

Valuable guidance

The output from the simulation programme supports ESVAGT’s dialogue with its customers, providing valuable guidance on the most cost-efficient O&M solutions – or combination of solutions, covering SOVs with Walk-to-Work gangways and/or Safe Transfer Boats, CTVs, helicopters, and more.

Prior to the implementation of Shoreline’s O&M Design, Ole Ditlev Nielsen, ESVAGT’s Business Development Manager, explained the vision for the new solution:

“We constantly strive to optimize and develop our concept to ensure efficient and profitable operations for our customers. The simulator program will make us even better at doing that.”

“We will be able to back up our bids for service tenders with calculations and facts – both for existing offshore farms and for new projects, whether they be standalone solutions, combinations with other offshore wind farms, cluster concepts or many other options. The SOV concept can be used for many solutions and the simulation tool helps to document this.”

Shoreline provides the cloud-based and integrated simulation solutions Con Design™, O&M Design™ for construction and O&M strategy development as well as ConEx™ and OMEx™ for the daily planning and scheduling optimization. Shorelines simulation solutions are being used by developers, OEMs, vessel owner, marine contractors and consultants.

Top image credit: ESVAGT

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