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Shoreline Wind offers a suite of market-leading products that use intelligent data integration and simulation software to optimise and execute wind farm logistics, installation and field services strategies.



Break free from the limitations of customized ERP and maximize production capability and revenue with accurate and realistic full lifecycle modelling.



Vastly reduce manual input and costly human error by leveraging the power of automation to generate work orders, assign personnel and manage resources.



Achieve safer and more responsive operations and increase cross-collaboration among teams by connecting people and data across projects and lifecycle phases.



Save up to 10% OPEX by optimizing scheduling, replanning, dispatching and deployment with real-time complex field service scenario visualizations.


Build, simulate and analyze floating offshore wind projects in minutes

The industry standard application for simulating and optimizing construction and O&M activities for floating offshore wind projects.

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Model, simulate and optimize entire wind projects at every construction or O&M phase for floating offshore wind farms

More and more floating projects are being planned worldwide. With this emerging industry offering so much potential, Shoreline has developed a solution that addresses the unique challenges faced.

Model detailed processes for WTG and floater assembly

Model detailed assembly processes including pre-assembly, mounting, bolting, casting or welding of foundations at pre-assembly storage areas.

Accurate component transportation for floating wind projects

Model component transportation from fabrication yards to assembly ports, or out to sea. Simulate the transportation of assets including floaters, WTGs, and towing cables with the option of sinking them there saving on expensive cabling vessels.

Easy simulation of full floating wind farm site installation

Model the installation of multiple mooring lines and anchors per WTG with ease. Model the mating of the floater and WTG, as well as the floating substation, the tasks involved in connecting cables between assets and substations, and commissioning.

Advanced method statements for floating-based tasks

Produce any method statement using advanced and flexible dependency modelling. Accurately model task sequences and time spent on activities, including, but not limited to crane-based tasks.

Include wet storage simulation of any component for floating wind

Quickly and accurately model and simulate wet storage of any component including floaters, floaters with WTGs, floating substations, and more.

Advanced outputs on weather downtime for floating logistics

Analyze costs as well as monthly and yearly weather downtime on all logistics. See task completion dates on S-curve milestones, and produce detailed timeline outputs exportable in Primavera.

On-demand Webinar: Intelligent construction and O&M modeling and simulation of floating wind projects

Ole-Erik Endrerud, founder and CEO of Shoreline Wind, will introduce you to how to model, simulate and plan complex floating wind farm project scenarios and view asset downtime, cost, and installation time

– Digitally set up an entire floating wind case

– Handling weather downtime assessment, and manage scheduled and corrective maintenance

– Add vessels, assets, personnel, and relevant logistics data (fuel consumption, activity duration etc.)

Simulation for floating offshore wind farms

A dedicated installation and O&M simulation solution for floating wind farm projects

Simulation technology has already been successfully and efficiently used by project developers to estimate floating wind-specific scenarios, as seen in Les Éoliennes Flottantes du Golfe du Lion (EFGL). The technology has been used to simulate and analyze the operations of; port-based pre-assembly, installation of operations, and towing and hook-ups for the installation of 6MW wind turbines mounted on a Principle Power floating foundation.

For the involved project planners and analysts, the key was the ability to significantly increase the number of what-if analyses based on specific operations that simultaneously produce project scenarios with greater accuracy, efficiency, speed and profit.

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Shoreline’s O&M Design simulation solution allows Ørsted to perform a detailed long-term simulation of the operational logistics for any of the company’s existing and future wind farms. With this system, Ørsted is able to optimize the operational setup for its sites and be provided with extensive operational and financial KPI’s, hence seamlessly integrate the long-term operational requirements with the company’s long-term financial business cases.

Ørsted – market leading offshore wind farm developer and operator

All scenarios must be considered for testing wind farm installations in U.S. offshore area, as our concept needs to assess the impact of factors such as Jones Act vessel restrictions and harsh weather conditions. By using Shoreline Wind´s advanced simulation solution, we have been able to provide fast and precise insights on cost estimations, weather downtime assessments, installation time, which has greatly supported our research for a validated new installation concept.

Lars Blicher
Offshore Wind Director at Maersk Supply Service

We have successfully worked with Shoreline Wind´s Design solution on all our development projects for several years, and it was a natural choice to continue the good relationship into the execution phase for our projects.

Peter Sutton
Director of O&M & Asset Management

Shoreline’s simulation solutions have proven to be very valuable in the development of our project. We can model and simulate many different installation scenarios quickly, and with the accuracy and detail level required.

Peder Christensen
Construction Lead

We constantly strive to optimize and develop our concept to ensure efficient and profitable operations for our customers and Shoreline’s simulation tool makes it possible for us to back up our bids for service tenders with calculations and facts – both for existing offshore farms and new projects.

Ole Ditlev Nielsen
Business Development Manager

It is important that we are able to dynamically customize our advice for individual customer projects and with Shoreline, we can provide valid data estimates for our customers in just a few minutes, that precisely visualizes how much time reduction they can expect for specific wind farm projects.

Richard van der Linde
Offshore Program Manager

We use the high-quality output generated with Shoreline Design™ to assess different logistical options and optimize the construction strategy with regards to risk and cost. The visualization of the installation processes and the comprehensive output section is key in our client centric results delivery.

Raya Peterson
Team Lead Strategy and Risk
Accurate event & weather data

Vastly reduce project risk pre-construction with accurate adverse event and weather downtime assessments.

  • Generate P10-P90 weather downtime business case or tender assessments in minutes for easy export to Primavera and MS Project.
  • Model using Hindcast or measured weather timeseries that include significant wave height, direction, period, speed, velocity, tide, visibility and daylight.
  • Simulate single or multiple runs with variable weather scenarios, including Markov chain-based probabilistic distributions.
  • Predict the knock-on effect of changes quickly and precisely and adapt risk forecasts, estimates, schedules and more with S-curves.
Streamlined data management

Input comprehensive base, logistic, turbine, and weather performance and cost data from one source.

  • Port, location, coordinate, and repair slot base data.
  • Detailed substation, turbine, cable and foundation information, including maintenance activity.
  • Logistical and vessel details including costs, processes and performance characteristics.
  • Complete, historic weather data including dates, resolutions and more.
Intelligent Modeling

Simulate and model any possible wind farm scenario within hours.

  • Accurately model personnel, asset and component failure scenarios.
  • Easily account for variable logistical constraints including weather and transport limitations.
  • Model and evaluate detailed scheduled maintenance processes.
  • Gain a complete overview of wind turbine generator data, including power curve, installation and commissioning timings and required resources and cost.
Customizable asset library

Access comprehensive base, logistic, turbine, and weather performance and cost data from one library.

  • Port, location, coordinate, and repair slot base data.
  • Detailed substation, turbine, cable and foundation information, including maintenance activity.
  • Logistic and vessel details including costs, processes and performance characteristics.
Seamless third-party integrations

Unite data and trusted systems in one place with Shoreline’s generic APIs and third-party integrations.

  • Increase production, PBA and contractual bonuses, and automatically generate manifests and dispatch orders.
  • Create and maintain a comprehensive input library of vessels, helicopters, ports, weather data, as well as maintenance and reliability data.
  • Ensure your project data is easily available and maintained through the assets life by sharing the same data and results between a project team.
  • Vastly decrease reliance on local information storage and other data silos.
Achieve more accurate finance and production forecasting

Support your investment business case with meaningful insights.

  • Easily simulate complex cost scenarios and generate accurate financial forecasts from early production to testing.
  • Model the financial and operational impact of lead time, weather downtime, and resource availability.
  • Identify and resolve bottlenecks leading to production loss with time and production-based availability scenario modeling.

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