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We’re the industry leader in intelligent, SaaS solutions powering clean, renewable energy

The call to action is clear: renewables are gaining momentum, and will increasingly power our future. Shoreline stands on the frontlines in breaking down barriers to achieving resource-and-cost efficient, clean, renewable energy solutions.

We envision a world where far less time and resources are
needed to design, construct and operate sustainable, clean
renewable energy power plants

Shoreline was founded on the principle that increasing time-to-production while decreasing
resource utilization was the key to enabling the wind industry to successfully scale activities, and quickly
and sustainably deploy renewable energy around the world. We have found that solution.

Our Story

The concept of Shoreline was
conceived by Norwegian engineer Ole-
Erik Vestøl Endrerud while he working
towards his Ph.D. in Offshore
Technology at The University of

While observing wind industry operations, Ole-Erik discovered a need for a fundamental re-design of key aspects of the renewable energy asset management process at every stage of the wind farm lifecycle. Increasing efficiency and interconnectivity across operations, Ole-Erik reasoned, would enable the entire industry to scale its activities and sustainably deploy renewable energy around the world quicker and with less resource utilization.

To achieve such game-changing goals, Ole-Erik posited that the industry needed to make a giant, quantum leap from ‘good-enough’ silo-based processes to deploying an industry equivalent of NextGen ERP systems.

Ole-Erik also proposed that simply consolidating information islands wasn’t sufficient to achieve optimal results. A truly workable, industry-specific solution that would incorporate intelligent simulation technology was the magic ingredient needed to increase deployment capability far beyond what even customized ERP systems are capable of delivering.

Springboarding from this theory, Ole-Erik and energy industry leading expert Michael Bjerrum officially established Shoreline in 2014. By 2017, the company’s SaaS products were already positioned as the industry standard in full lifecycle simulation solutions.

Today, most of the wind industry’s leading companies are utilizing Shoreline’s solutions and realizing significant development, operations and maintenance costs savings while increasing production.

Our Journey

Since 2014, Shoreline has met many milestones to become the world’s
most recognized industry leader in wind renewables SaaS solutions.

Go Further

Shoreline is much more than just a company. We are a diverse and agile team comprised of professionals from all over the world who bring their skills and talents together with the purpose of creating workable, green renewable energy solutions.

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