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Shoreline Wind offers a suite of market-leading products that use intelligent data integration and simulation software to optimise and execute wind farm logistics, installation and field services strategies.



Break free from the limitations of customized ERP and maximize production capability and revenue with accurate and realistic full lifecycle modelling.



Vastly reduce manual input and costly human error by leveraging the power of automation to generate work orders, assign personnel and manage resources.



Achieve safer and more responsive operations and increase cross-collaboration among teams by connecting people and data across projects and lifecycle phases.



Save up to 10% OPEX by optimizing scheduling, replanning, dispatching and deployment with real-time complex field service scenario visualizations.



Shoreline Wind Wins “Supply Chain Innovation of the Year” at Global Offshore Wind Awards 2023

In the wake of receiving the esteemed "Supply Chain Innovation of the Year" award at the Global Offshore Wind Awards 2023, Shoreline Wind takes a moment to reflect on the factors that contributed to this significant accolade.

Just last week, Shoreline Wind had the honour of being awarded the “Supply Chain Innovation of the Year” at the Global Offshore Wind Awards 2023. Now, we take a moment to highlight some of the various factors that contributed to clinching this award and supported in positioning Shoreline Wind as a leading digital innovator within the offshore wind supply chain.

Technology innovation: A simulation software that navigates challenges in the wind industry

As the wind industry strives for increased deployment speed, cost reduction, improved efficiency, and innovative installation and operational concepts, it faces challenges in planning and executing O&M (Operation and Maintenance) and construction logistics. Traditional approaches are being stretched to their limits, requiring project analysts, installation managers, and site planners to manually shift through vast amounts of data daily.

Shoreline Wind recognized this industry-wide challenge and responded with a cloud-based simulation algorithm that utilizes agent-based modelling. This groundbreaking technology accurately predicts costs and ensures maximized revenue-based availability. Developed in collaboration with leading developers, operators, OEMs, consultants, and vessel operators, Shoreline Wind’s simulation tool has become an invaluable asset for in-house assessment and optimization.

The simulation allows you to start accurately modelling how operations actually happen, instead of modelling how probable it is that something happens. Users can start simulating an endless number of construction or field service scenarios in minutes, to enable fast and accurate business case analysis and work schedule optimisation. 

The software has made a great global impact in elevating the digital landscape of the wind industry to the next level by introducing the first-ever integrated cloud-based bespoke lifecycle platform for managing construction and maintenance projects from early project development, through construction, and when going operational – By making easy-to-use NextGen Software as a Service subscription based tools available to asset owners/operators, project analysts, installation managers and site planners, that they can operate with joy and confidence.

Significant innovations and achievements driving next steps for the wind industry

Digitalizing floating offshore wind project simulations

More and more floating projects are being planned worldwide, and with this emerging industry offering so much potential, Shoreline has developed a solution which addresses the unique challenges faced. The specific floating wind solution allows the simulation and optimization of entire wind projects at every construction or O&M phase for floating offshore wind farms. Here is a list of modelling capabilities for our floating offshore wind software simulation:

  • Model detailed assembly processes including pre-assembly, mounting, bolting, casting or welding of foundations at pre-assembly storage areas
  • Model component transportation from fabrication yards to assembly ports, or out to sea.
  • Model the installation of multiple mooring lines and anchors per WTG.
  • Model wet storage of any component including floaters, floaters with WTGs, floating substations, and more.
  • Model costs as well as monthly and yearly weather downtime on all logistics.

Learn more about our floating wind simulation software for construction and O&M:
Floating Wind Software

Introducing software solutions for the onshore wind sector

The Shoreline Wind software has introduced a framework for resource management and planning that can be easily used for onshore wind projects. Designed with a keen understanding of the industry’s procedures, Shoreline Wind’s solution offers a robust set of features aimed at optimizing the planning process and enhancing resource utilization.

This empowers project managers to model and anticipate resource requirements, project timelines, and potential bottlenecks. This foresighted approach enables proactive decision-making, reducing risks, and streamlining operations throughout the project lifecycle As the world looks towards onshore wind as a significant contributor to its renewable energy goals, Shoreline Wind’s latest offering stands as a strong contribution for driving productivity and efficiency in the onshore wind sector.

Bespoke software solutions for CMMS on floating wind and service providers

Shoreline Wind’s success lies in our commitment to providing bespoke solutions, as we have a key focus on combining software innovation with industry knowledge. Our software is developed based on processes, outputs, and challenges unique to the wind industry, ensuring practicality and effectiveness. This synergy allows us to deliver solutions that not only meet but anticipate the evolving needs of the wind energy sector.

This year, Shoreline Wind has pioneered a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) tailored specifically for floating wind farms. This bespoke solution represents a critical step forward in optimizing the maintenance and operation of these dynamic offshore wind installations.

Another bespoke solution is our software framework designed to assist independent service providers to manage complex O&M processes and gain access to complete transport, resource, and personnel profiles, availability and compliance data in one central location. This introduces a set of key functionalities developed to ease the live of resource planners and site managers for service providers:

  • Digital system for training, certifications, work scheduling.
  • Long-term planning of project level costs and availability
  • Gantt Chart project timelines with export to Primavera.
  • Registration of personnel time and assignments.
  • Updating CVs and competencies for compliance.
  • Creating manpower work plans for a full overview of site personnel.
  • Site overview of managing work packages, load-outs, and
    site personnel tracking.
  • Digitally receiving and signing progress reporting to quickly inform
    back office and clients

Learn more about our resource, planning and maintenance management software for Independent Service Providers (ISP) on wind farm projects:
Independent Service Providers Sofware

Learn more about our CMMS software framework applicable to floating wind projects:
CMMS Software

Why is the Global Offshore Wind Awards recognition important for Shoreline Wind’s Technology?

The wind industry is transitioning into a new digital era, and Shoreline Wind’s technology addresses the complexity of maintaining and utilizing wind farm data efficiently. As offshore and onshore wind emerges as the fastest-growing renewable technology, deploying projects rapidly and operating efficiently is imperative. Shoreline Wind’s software has not only become an industry standard but has also garnered a prominent customer portfolio.

The software’s widespread adoption has resulted in significant savings on development, operations, and maintenance costs, while also enhancing production uptime. Shoreline Wind’s solution defines a new digital approach to wind farm data management and utilization. By introducing a future-proof, cloud-based NextGen setup, the company has initiated a digital transformation in the industry, paving the way for a modern wind-specific framework.

In essence, Shoreline Wind’s recognition in the “Supply Chain Innovation of the Year” category at the Global Offshore Wind Awards 2023 is a testament to its commitment to reshaping the wind industry’s digital future. The company’s software not only meets the current challenges but also positions itself as a game-changer for all renewable energy sources, promising a more efficient and sustainable future.

If you want to learn more about Shoreline Wind’s different solutions, you can also take a look around our resources library to find different webinars, brochures, tech sheets and more. Shoreline Wind Resources

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