Shoreline Introduction Leaflet: Resource Management & Planning

Accurately plan, schedule, and track your projects with one resource management platform. Meet more project deadlines and reduce errors by identifying and resolving bottlenecks and maximizing resource and equipment utilization.

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Get an overview of the Shoreline Resource Management & Planning solution:

  • Improve cross-project and team communications and collaboration
  • Increase production time with key data insights
  • Reduce equipment downtime with smart tracking
  • Meet project deadlines with insightful change response functions
  • Speed up task turnaround and reduce errors
  • Save time with comprehensive process optimization

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Shoreline Wind has been selected by Ocean Winds to deliver NextGen CMMS software for offshore wind projects.

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Daily Progress Reporting – Technical Specifications

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Resource management: Time registration and scheduling made easy

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CMMS Maintenance System – Technical Specifications

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